Skin Essentials

Everyone knows about winter’s moody weather and fluctuating temperature. Skincare regimen demand bit of amplification this year. There are million and one products promoting perfect skin, but who has the time to try them all out? Good skin care is all about consistency & addition of new elements as per skin necessity. So, let us just get right into it, here is the pitch of winter skin essentials.


You can use Aroma cleanser every morning that gently cast off the dust, dirt and grime.  If you fall under dry skin category, you need Himalaya cleansing milk to wash face twice a day. It is great makeup remover too. Simply splash some warm water on your face, massage it and rinse off #Easypeasy.

Face Pack

At night, you can use Jovees 24 carot gold face pack to improve skin texture and prevent dark discolouration. The bonus point is in the elimination of dead skin cells and making your skin feel smooth with a radiant glow.


As part of your winter skin care routine, you must constantly apply SPF to your face. Richfeel sunscreen reflects UV radiation and protects against sunburn. Apply on the exposed area for ten minutes before going outdoors.

Eye Treatment

If you were against eye cream of all sorts, this time try to lather Shahnaz husain eye cream. Apply this cream in pea-size for protein absorption into your skin. Post application, leave it for 10 minutes & wipe it off with wet cotton. It hydrates the under eye area which fixes issues like dark circles, fine lines, puffiness etc.


When it comes to lotion, you need not be super fussy. Since winter calls for a heavy-duty, creamy formula will work well. Shahnaz  cream moisturizer is a wonderful choice on go.  If your skin is oily and acne prone, try to do a light, oshea oil-free moisturizing.

Facial Oil

 Start incorporating Aroma facial oil into your routine for renewing skin.  It firms up the skin and lightens your acne marks. You can observe skin turning little softer than before. Depending on the amount of exfoliating your skin needs, you can decide this addition in your custom.


For all the time, always and continuously include a toner in your winter skin essentials. Jovees skin toner will even out your skin tone and make your skin feel fresh. The perk is in tightening open pores on the face. Besides, it also increases skin’s ability to retain moisture and removes excess oils. You will notice a positive difference in your skin.


 Moisture-boosting serums are essential for colder winter months. Apply Aroma serum in the night, for deep hydration within the skin. Try combination of serum, moisturizer & SPF and walk out of the door with spark.    

Lip Candy

 Lips sometimes dry out to the point of pain, no matter what you do. You can swear with Maybelline Newyork baby lips for eight hours. It is hydrating and glossy with some extra oomph.

With the arrival of winter, the season of festivals, weddings and holidays start. The season tends to trigger emotional stress, from near dear ones or due to the pressure of perfection. And with this stress comes, skin issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema. So this year let’s break up with stress and live healthy- happy life forever!


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