Your unwanted acne breakouts – Vanished!

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With a dream of going on a date with your someone special the next morning, you go early to the bed and when you wake up in the morning, you spot a nasty reddish breakout on your face! Ughhh! How depressing! Who, on the earth, would want to have such an irritating morning?

Relax! We know that you can’t stop popping them out but you can hide them, for sure! And trust us; you don’t need a professional makeup artist for it. has some surefire tricks to conceal your unwanted acnes. Let’s have a look:

1. Ice cube to tame your pesky breakouts

This is an old trick to hold an ice cube or a cold washcloth on the acne. Along with reducing the redness of pimples, this trick will also reduce the acne size and they instantly become less prominent. After dipping a clean soft cloth in chilled water, place it on the acnes and keep it like that for about 10 to 15 minutes. When you remove the cloth, the zits will become less visible.

2. Use a good-brand color corrector

Color correcting concealer (fondly known as color corrector) can become a great savior. This is one of those makeup products on the basis of which makeup professionals guarantee you to make your blemishes disappear. Basically, color correctors are the colored concealers that counterbalance a particular tone on your face. As acne breakouts are mostly reddish, they can be neutralized with the help of a green color concealer. Once you feel that the redness is considerably concealed, take your favorite concealer that you usually use and apply it evenly on your entire face and neck. Let it set for 2-3 minutes and then, apply a little foundation and compact powder. Where are the breakouts now? Vanished!

3. Try a yellow tinted foundation

As this blog post is about concealing your breakouts completely with makeup products, obviously we have to talk mostly about either concealer or foundation. According to the makeup experts, it is better to use the full-coverage foundation that is slightly yellow in shade rather than picking the pink or cherry shade. A full-coverage yellow (ivory or beige) color foundation would not only camouflage your pimples and zits but will also dramatically reduce the redness.

So next time when you spot a pimple, don’t panic. Use these tricks and flaunt your beauty. You can thank us later!