Trust me – You just can’t get enough of Lip balm


Speaking, smiling, pouting or kissing – our lips are always on a job.  A lip care routine and hydration are essential for adorable lips. Lip balms are meant to soothe and protect dry lips. But now Lip balms have stepped beyond the basic.
Your haphazard makeup routine can change forever and become less time consuming with on-the-go lip balm. It is quick fix item, you can use for almost everything. Lazy shiners will love to hack this wonder product to make it throughout the day. It can be vital pick up in your golden pot, promising to be a space saver.
Did you know your lip balm has some secret magical abilities? Here are pinpoints to utilize lip balm in a surprising way.

  • Pop on lip balm before applying eyeshadow for a luminous look. It is a great way of colouring eyes.
  • If you are running low on eyebrow gels tap some lip balm on your brows to keep brow hairs in place.
  • Hydrate region of your eye with fine lines by hitting little lip balm
  • If you have overlooked body lotion cover some lip balm on rougher areas of your hands.
  • Your nails will thank you for slathering some lip balm on cuticles
  • Prolong your perfume by simply dabbing little lip balm on your wrist or whatever before spraying
  • Kiss of the lip balm colour on the apple of your cheekbones for a natural dewy glow
  • Thin layers of lip balm around the hairline prevent the hair colour or dye staining on your skin. 
  • For a mess-free nail painting use lip balm on cuticles before applying nail polish.
  • Cure your blowing nose (due to cold) with little lip balm to the skin around nostrils.
  • Few swipes of lip balm can take care of smudge eyeliner and overshadow eyelids.
  • When your new foot wears hurt you; rub lip balm on blisters as a screen between your skin and shoes.
  • Obvious advantage –Bid a goodbye to flaky lips with hydration-packed formulas for "perfectly plump lips." 

Care Note – Ingredients of lip balm are not just absorbed but actually ingested. Opt for a natural lip balm when you are struggling with dry lips. Petroleum-based lip balms put the coating on your lips for smooth and oh-so-hydrated feeling, but it doesn’t actually penetrate into the skin to solve the dryness issue.

The tint in tinted lip balm adds a subtle to your lips, which is great for both day look & night out. Start using a tinted lip balm that will feel good on lips and compliment your skin tone. My verdict of lip balm shades for major skin tones are rolled down here

  • Go for a tinted lip balm in peach or a rose colour to add warmth in your light complexion.
  • If you have an olive skin tone, there is a variety of shades, you can choose like warm browns and pinks.  Avoid dark purple shades.
  • You can opt for a burnt orange or brick red shade or pink undertone lip balm for medium skin tone.
  • For dark skin tone, try shades that have warm undertones like caramel or peach shade. You can also try deep plum, wine, and chocolate brown colours.
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