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Beauty Meets Wisdom

Everywhere, whether you flip through the magazine pages or while driving around the city, your eyes meet the advertisements aesthetically flaunting chiselled body advocating a beauty formula, claiming to put you in the clan of toned models. With the cosmetology industry launching new beauty product every single week, the naive consumer of today feels trapped in the plethora of items offering skin contouring, keratin hair treatment or dead sea minerals face mask, etc. To attain the perfect self, teens make a beeline to experiment varied creams/lotions, sans understanding the right usage of the product, its suitability and whether they are authentic meeting the widely recognized cosmetic standards.

Luckylips ventured in the cosmetology market, and was alarmed to see young women impulsively choosing products that could risk their beautiful skin or hair. If one product did not work, they immediately switched on to the other product, without having the proper understanding of its formulation and authenticity. Luckylips saw that with the beauty market growing exponentially, the situation will be more perplexing in the years to come. To take these young folks out of the vicious circle, Luckylips emerged as a guiding angel to end the beauty woes. It is the e-commerce platform that choose products cautiously, like choosing gems from the large ocean of cosmetology market. With the intense market research and team of experts, Luckylips has meticulously categorised products. It aims to take you out from the obsession of short term beauty results and motivate you to look good everyday through its wide range of genuine products.

Luckylips identified the existing gap i.e the lack of knowledge that drove consumers to handpick any product without understanding its worthiness for oneself. Do you remember your grandma with the supple skin, luscious hair and ever glowing charm? She could attain this alluring charisma, owing to her knowledge of varied products and searching the right product that got well adapted to her skin and hair type. Today, Luckylips stand as your beauty mentor with the products that help you solve identity crisis and heal insecurities.

Yes, our platform boasts of a wide gamut of products, each handpicked by our experts, especially for YOU. Our experts at Luckylips educate aim to educate you not to get swayed away with the products that promise immediate results and beauty at the cost of your health. We aspire not just to educate young women but seniors too who look for age defying products and men who seek aesthetic enhancement to raise their self-esteem.

Our platform projects the international brands like Dove, Maybelline, L’Oreal and home grown beauty brands like Lakme, Himalaya Herbals, Biotique, Patanjali, Lotus, etc. We have everything for you, whether you need a sunscreen, scrubs & exfoliants, make-up items, shower gels, aromatic oils, etc. Also, our bucket consists of female hygiene, baby care, men care and other wellness products, all standardised aiming to enhance your persona.

While our market research, we observed the rage for paraben free products formulated with active herbs and ancient Vedic wisdom. Hence, we included brands with an entire range of organic skin care, hair care and body care, certified by global organizations like Ecocert, OneCert and Nature. They stand out in the market owing to their chemical free properties, offering a pure natural indulgence.

For women, we are a true form of blessing. With Luckylips, you do not have to scout here and there for genuine beauty & wellness products. Visit our platform, our products are charmingly placed to address each of your queries and to transform you in a person who is more than beautiful. At Luckylips, we aim to Style You, Inside Out!