Skin Care Tips to brace the Winter Season

Guess what, ladies? Winter is coming! And that means a whole season of hot chocolate in a mug, warm hoodies, scrumptious plum cakes, joyful carols and packed presents is on its way. One of the most awaited seasons of the year, winter brings with it many wonders. However, it also brings the relentless cold that can render your skin dull and scaly. But you don’t need to fret, lovely women! We’ve got all the perfect skin care products and tips for you right here to help you maintain your glowing and radiant beauty. Keep scrolling to find out!

We have classified our skin care tips based on the variants that every woman has so that we could cover as many solutions as we could. We derived that cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are the three most important things that every woman should follow, and hence our skin care tips for each process would differ based on the skin types.

For Dry and Dull Skin

Winter can be hard for those who have dry skin, especially since the weather guarantees that the skin turns even drier! That’s why it’s extremely important to armour up and fight the evils of dullness by stepping up your skin care game. In doing so, you will be victorious and win back your radiating glow. For that, you need to use the best skin care products.


In order to make up for the major loss of moisture that takes place during the season, you’ll need to utilise a foam or oil based cleanser in order to prevent dull and cracked skin. For best results, we recommend the Oshea Turmericlean Cleansing Lotion.


Removing dead skin is a daily activity, but heavy importance must be given to dry skin care during the chilly season as it can help bring back the radiance in your wonderful face. For that special glow, use Himalaya products. We recommend the Himalaya Walnut Scrub.


To keep your fresh look for longer durations of time, an oil based moisturizer would be your best solution to help lock in your glowing face. Our expert team suggests the Himalaya Winter Moisturizing Cream.

For Acne-prone and Oily Skin

For folks who have oily skin, the arrival of winter is a much awaited relief. However, the drop in temperature and humidity barely affect the levels of oil that is produced on your skin, thereby making minimal difference in the way your skin will react. Therefore, it would be wise to stay to the basic oily skin care tips we have to offer for clear and radiant skin.


In order to make sure that your skin stays hydrated throughout the rough weather, using a cream-based cleanser helps in completing that very objective, hence avoiding patchy spots. We strongly suggest the use of the L’Oreal Go360 Anti Brkout Facial Cleanser.


The winter can drain you of all your moisture, which is why using a water-based moisturizer makes greater sense. Doing so can help refine your skin texture and decrease the visible dullness in your skin. Your best bet lies with the L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Supreme Emulsion Moisturizer.

For Combination Skin

People with both combinations need to watch out, as they are more susceptible to moisture loss and mild periods of irritation. For them, the best case would be to stay away from heavy and thick foundations as the duration of the day passes.To retrieve lost nutrients in the skin, an antioxidant serum works wonders.


For the combination type of skin, a gentle yet revitalizing cleanser ensures that your skin maintains its wonderful radiance. Our recommendation would be to use the L’Oreal Go360 Sensitive Skin Cleanser.


Utilising a moisturizer that doesn’t weigh much on your skin can work wonders for you, guaranteeing you never go about a day with dullness. The Oshea Cocoahoney Cocoa Butter & Honey Moisturising Oshea Lotion suits just that very purpose.


Wrapping up your skin care routine, lay off the toner and stick to a fabulous antioxidant serum. Stick to this and you can brave the harsh weather like a boss!
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