5 Menstruation myths from around the world

The taboo surrounding menstruation still prevails around the world. For centuries, the woman going through her natural biological process – periods, is considered impure in many regions across the globe. Menstruation is surrounded with infinite illogical myths, taboos, beliefs and wrong practices. People even think that menstruation is not just a taboo but it’s a serious disease! There is various cultural insights all over the globe when it comes to women’s periods.
Let’s take a look on some of the most ridiculous and totally untrue myths about menstruation that still exist in our society today.

1. Do not touch the cow, like seriously!

As ridiculous as it sounds, in Nepal, the women going through periods are so impure that they can’t dare to touch the cow! The reason? That cow will stop producing milk! Could a natural process of bleeding affect the cow’s ability to produce milk? Seriously??

2.Bears and sharks can smell menstruation!!!

In the USA, a woman in her menstrual cycle can’t go camping as menstruation could attract bears. Also, she can’t go swimming in the ocean as sharks also can smell blood. Funny, isn’t it? So, next time if you plan a trip during your menstruation cycle, think about the place, twice!

3. Grandma says, “Avoid exercise while menstruating.”

You might have heard this from your grandma many times! However heavy exercises should be avoided, you can still go for light exercise or yoga. It will never harm the menstrual flow. In fact, exercising or doing yoga not only does help you relieve the menstrual cramps but also gives you physical and mental peace.

4. Do not visit a dentist.

A menstruating woman shouldn’t go to a dentist as the fillings could fall out. Disgusting! What do the periods have to do with your teeth? How can that be affected? Relax, it is nothing like this!

5. Don’t drink milk.

Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Drinking milk while going through your periods could turn your blood white. OMG! And we thought drinking milk would turn us into Shaktimaan. How can somebody even think this? The fact is that drinking milk can dramatically improve the period pain, heavy periods and PMS which is why drinking milk should be avoided.

Menstruation myths not only are ridiculous but they also bar the women from their education, their career and their ambitions. But with growing education level, such myths and wrong beliefs are gradually going obsolete. We all should be happy for this and should try to spread right education about women’s menstruation among people.

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