Jute Couture


Since ancient times, ornaments have been a part of men’s and women’s wardrobes. Even before the use of precious metals and stones entered the world of jewellery, people used threads from nature to beautify themselves.

With a little scraping of our history books, we will also see the ardent use of seeds, animal bones and terracotta in our accessories. Thankfully eco-friendly fashion is coming back in couture with great style and gusto. More and more fashion labels are choosing to accessorise their high fashion designer wear with tribal and eco-friendly jewellery.

One of the greatest boons of eco-friendly fashion is jute accessories. Jute jewellery provides the right amount of colour and quirk to spice up any outfit. One of the best parts of jute jewellery is that no matter how heavily detailed the piece of jewellery is, it is always very light-weight and incredibly kind to the skin.

Needless to mention that jute jewellery is biodegradable as jute is nothing but a plant. So, jute jewellery leaves no room for allergies which is a very common phenomenon in metal ornaments. Carefully extracted fibers of the jute plants are now adorning the runway showstoppers on even the international fashion platforms.

Today, you can also find jute accessories online on multiple marketplaces. More and more people are now shifting to handmade accessories because every piece is unique and the core idea of fashion is standing out in the crowd of mediocre. The versatility of the fabric has won the hearts of designers and fashion police all across the globe and today more and more people are heavily investing in eco-friendly fashion.

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