High time to brush off the winter hair blues


Winter sets in with a whole new set of challenges that you need to deal with. Split ends, dry hair, brittle hair, hair fall, frizzy hair, or whatever your hair is affected with it can be avoided with right measures.
 This season brush off your hair issues with winter special hair care routine tips.

Tackle the frizzy mess

Everyone loves to snuggle into hats, hoodies, scarves and all other styles, but you have to make sure it doesn’t restrict the circulation in your scalp. Even if these winter-wears protect your hair, they can make your hair sweaty, frizzy and static. So comb your hair with vented hair brush that has a combination of plastic and boar bristles to control this mess.
Protective styling keynote – If you want to go outside without covering your head on a cold day, use a volumizing spray to avoid stiff and sticky hair 

Dandruff battle

Due to lack of moisture in the winter air, your scalp gets dry and itchy. This results into dandruff and scalp irritation, which further leads to hair fall. Dry skin is the most common reason for flaking dandruff. You can manage the dandruff problem with good anti-dandruff hair products.

Olive oil treatment

Hair oiling is always beneficial. It keeps our scalp moisturized. Olive oil can provide moisture and weight to hair. You can also use other oils of your choice for sealing the ends.  Heat the oil and slowly massage the lukewarm oil to scalp and entire hair. Let it penetrate deep into the roots for five to ten minutes. Leave it for an hour or two and then rinse off using shampoo and conditioner. This will improve blood circulation and ensures follicle nourishment.

Warm water hair wash

Hot shower is tempting on a cold weather day.  But hot water removes oil that nourishes your hair, making hair dehydrated and damaged. Turn down the shower temperature if you really care for your scalp.

Must Conditioner

Conditioning your hair after shampooing is an essential part of hair care routine. During winter apply deep conditioner plus a leave-in treatment for smooth hair. This helps to prevent breakage, brittleness and keep your tresses hydrated. Go for steam treatment with a deep conditioner to retain moisture and promote hair growth.

Hair trimming

This season can make your hair ends dry and brittle. Trim hair regularly to keep hair in good condition and lessen the chance of split ends. Also trimming will protect the hair shaft and stop hair from breaking. 

Right way to dry your hair

When it comes to drying hair, handle it with care. Don’t put your hair up when it is damp because it causes dandruff, breakage and split ends. Also never rub your hair harshly with a towel as the friction cause damage. The best way is to gently squeeze the excess water with a towel and then use a blow dryer on the cool setting. If you want to speed up using hot air, hold the dryer at least 15 centimetres away from your hair.

Top up tips in winter special hair care routine

  • Highlighting is a better option than colouring in this season.
  • It is wise not to use peroxide-laden colour in winter.
  • Stop over-brushing your hair.
  • Apply hair mask on weekly basis as winter special hair care routine.
  •  Cover your head with plait or a bun; by this fewer hairs are exposed to extreme weather.
  • When you are outdoors, use a refreshing leave in to ensure hair is constantly hydrated.

 Knockdown your winter hair blues with winter special hair care routine.

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