Healthy glow with face foundation

Face foundation has always been an integral makeup product. Gone are those days when the foundation was just a way to blur off the flaws. Nowadays, face foundation serves a much beneficial role in terms of skin care.

Face foundation Highlights

  • Sunblock Insurance

Overexposure to sunlight can cause hyperpigmentation, skin sagging, wrinkles, and everything that can result in the premature ageing of the skin. Apply face foundation with sunscreen to prevent sun rays penetration into the skin.

  • Pollutant barrier

Every day we are exposed to various kinds of pollutants. Some of the invisible pollutants can harm us through free radical damage, which results into premature ageing of the skin. Face foundation act as a layer of protection which stop pollutants to reach directly on your skin.

  • Concealing minor pigmentations

If you have areas of pigmentation such as brown spots or an area of skin which is whiter than normal then the use of foundation can reduce its display.

  • Polishing skin surface

Foundation can fill up minor irregularities making skin smooth and soft.

  • Hiding blemishes 

Apply face foundation to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.

  • Softening scars

Face foundation can assist us to cover the edges of light scars.

  • Contouring the face

If you apply face foundation carefully you can outline the face with figured appearance.

Select your Foundation coverage

  • Light Coverage

 If you want to showcase your true skin with makeup choose light coverage. A lightweight liquid or mineral powder can even tone and give a natural glow.

  • Medium Coverage

Choose medium coverage for polishing your look with other cosmetics.

  • Full-coverage

It is a good choice for those who are affected with skin issues such as acne and hyperpigmentation. Also for those who desire filmy look. Remember, it is trickier to apply because mistakes are prominent.

Face foundation formulas – Your skin type profiles it all

  • Liquid foundation – Lucky for every skin type

We can happily be confused in case of liquid foundation because there are a wide variety of shades available in the market. Makeup artist suggests using sponges rather than brushes when it comes to liquid formula. Apply liquid foundation with beauty sponge to build coverage and natural finishing.

  • Loose powder foundation – Especially for sensitive skin

 Loose powder foundation is lighter than liquid one and is free from irritants, so don’t worry they won’t worsen your acne.
Also, dry powders are time-saving formulas to achieve a matte effect. Kabuki brush is the right tool to blend it into your skin.

  • Stick foundation – Touch up for the t-zone

Stick foundation can be applied to needy areas. It offers medium to full coverage to cover the flaws. But if the finish is too creamy, it can crease into lines around the eye.

  • Anti-Aging & Serum foundation – The multitasker

It is the best foundation, providing anti-ageing ingredients which also go with every skin type.

  • Moisturizing Liquid foundations – For natural glow

It hydrates skin, giving the moisturizing finish. It provides light to medium coverage but is not a good pick up for oily skin.

  • Matte-Finish Liquid foundation – For oily shine

An easy to build & blend product and a safe choice for covering blemish-prone skin.

  • Cream foundation – For nourishing

It is useful for dry skin and is known for leaving luminous and satiny finish on the face

  • Airbrush – For even complexion

Airbrushing offers magazine cover beauty, but it is complicated skill to master, particularly for starters. 

  • Pressed powder foundation – For handbag

Keep this item handy because it is an ideal touch-up need. Apply with round foundation brush with ease and perfection.
*Note that with the change in season and skin, you can try combination of formulas. 

Finding the right match

There so many different types of foundation brands available in the market. Picking up the right one is kind of troublesome. You have to focus on your skin type and coverage you want. If you are not sure, take the help of sales consultant in store. Certain kind of foundation may look great on your friend or some x brand works well on you to cleanse and moisturize, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be your perfect suit. Finalizing the best fit of foundation needs trial and error process. Make sure you test a few samples of shades in store to match on your lower jaw. The shade of foundation you choose should go with your natural skin tone. When you find the right shade, observe it under artificial light and in case if you are chocolate beauty, it’s ok being bit fussy while shopping foundation.
P.S. Feel good factor is vital when you shop cos if you feel awful, you think you look awful.

Attention please newbies!

 Sheer foundation with lighter coverage is a great beginning if you haven’t used foundation before. Slow down while applying foundation for the first time. After finishing, check once if you have applied it evenly all over the face. If there is foundation line visible, which means either u have applied it too much or the wrong shade. More often you apply suitable face foundation, better u will be.

Can I use my face foundation daily?

One of the frequently asked questions in cosmetics with benefit of doubt. Well, it is absolutely personal option to apply it every day or not. But the anti ageing benefit of the foundation is the key to count on, for sustaining healthy skin.
“Ladies, don’t be shy to invest in your skin since you have to live with it for the rest of your life”


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