Beauty tricks for winter makeup

Finally, the season of warm shower and beauty sleep has arrived. We can fall in love with winter but our skin may not fancy it. The drying effect of winter causes cracking and flaking of skin. We are prone to have red cheeks, taut skin and cracked lips. The feeling of dryness and tightening skin sucks. Let us find out the way to cheer up this season.

Flawless makeup for dry skin

Essential skin care is the secret behind the beauty. Makeup tends to cling the dry areas of the face creating the cakey look. Preparing your skin before reaching out for makeup is the prime stuff to look upon.
Best foods for winter skin care are almonds, carrots, spinach, green tea and dark chocolate. The natural way to keep skin healthy in winter is to stay hydrated with a sip of water at regular intervals and binging veggies like cucumbers, celery, sweet potatoes etc.
Pamper your skin with cold cream for a radiant glow and try Aroma Treasures Hair Nourishing Oil to get rid of winter special frizzy hair. The right products will help the makeup to look fluent. Multiply the use of moisturiser and add gentle facial exfoliate in your routine. Checklist for dry skin makeup is jotted below.

  • Liquid Foundation – Hydrating ingredient such as hyaluronic acid in liquid foundation makes your skin feel comfortable and hassle-free.
  • Juicy lips- Avoid matte lipstick or long-wearing formulas since they dry up quickly. Lip gloss or sheer lipstick is the right lip formula.
  • Belittle powder- It is better to skip the powder or you can dust some on the centre of the face for the shiny look.
  • Hydrating toner- Spray hydrating toner to refresh your skin at an instant.
  • Creamy blushes and highlighters- Cream formulas stay better on dry skin.
  • Fluid concealer- Liquid or cream concealers hydrate dry, flaky areas instead of placing stress on them. 
  • Makeup remover- Super gentle makeup remover leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth

Trending winter makeup tips

Follow these whims to wear your winter makeup in grace and discover the bold move of glamorous world.

  • Eye Shadows – Eyeshadow stays superior to make or break a makeup look. Select wisely. Steal the show with bright bold colours with a slight touch of shimmer
  • A warm peach blush- Peach pink is the season’s best shade. Play deep while layering your regular light blush and create the rosy effect.
  • Time for primer– Instead of loading foundation and powders, spend some time in layering primers and moisturizers. It presents perfect prepped skin.
  • Empower lips- In this wine and berry season, lick your lips with compelling burgundy and wine shades. Empower your statement with glittering sparkle.
  • Black Eye Liner- Break up the black eyeliner with blank space on lower lash line for the striking look.
  • Embrace Natural- Apply pale shades of foundation which suit your skin tone.
  • No Mascara Look- When you are running out of time, play up with eyeshadow and just skip the mascara. It will style you with breezy confidence in this season.

Don’t forget to carry your smile because winter is just not the season but a celebration. 

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