7 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly every woman should know

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Way before December rings our doorbells; Vaseline petroleum jelly becomes an important entity in our lives – right from the tiny boxes that fit your fist to the massive jars that give you the promise of some serious skin protection. Vaseline moisturizer has remained your best friend during those winter months and more. This undeniably good petroleum jelly has served the purpose of protection and opened windows to a myriad of other uses with a little bit of imagination. This iconic drugstore staple has been around for more than 150 years and is truly a multipurpose miracle worker in the house. But did you know that apart from being the best beauty product, Vaseline petroleum jelly can also be used to perform a slew of other beauty tricks? We’re talking easy-peasy ways to remove messy raccoon eyes, to mix your own lip shade, and to highlight your cheekbones. But because the list of DIY tricks goes on and on and on, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten. Here, we’ve highlighted our favourite Vaseline beauty hacks.

1.Vaseline : The best eye Make up remover.

Water proof or not, there is no make-up your trusted Vaseline cannot take off. Take a dollop of the petroleum jelly and apply it on your make up laden face, then with a moist warm towel wipe off the Vaseline with the make-up.

2. Define your lashes:

With wear and tear your skin and your hair tend to show signs of train and thus lead to severe hair fall or dry skin. It is said that applying Vaseline in your eyelashes helps you grow them longer. Take a Q-tip and rub some jelly in your lashes.

3.Soothe cracked heels

There is probably no better remedy to soothe the cracked heels than Vaseline. Apply Vaseline at night and wear socks when you sleep. We promise you that the following morning you shall wake up with soft and moisturised heels.

4. Help your fragrance last longer.

You can rub some Vaseline inside your wrists before applying your perfume. The Vaseline will make your fragrance last longer.

5. Exfoliate your lips.

You can mix sugar with Vaseline and scrub your lips with this glorious cheap home-made scrub. The sugar crystals will scrub away the dead cells on your lips, while the petroleum jelly will moisturise your puckers.

6. Diy Lip Balm:

Take a pinch of lipstick and a teaspoon of petroleum jelly, and warm it over a heater. The pinch of lipstick will provide a tint to your lip balm and the Vaseline will protect your lips.

7.DIY Highlighter:

If you don’t have a bronzer or body shimmer handy, you can simply add some metallic eye shadow to your petroleum jelly and use it as a body shimmer. Not only is it long lasting, this home-made D.I.Y body shimmer is cheap and very safe.

So, use these hacks of this best beauty product and keep yourself glowing. You can check out other best beauty products here.