5 Purse essentials for the Winter

Purse essentials for the Winter

A spray here and a whiff there! Fogg presents When it comes to winter, our skin faces the brash torture of the sudden weather change. Thus during this time, you have to adapt a different winter beauty routine which will help you brace the season of dryness. It is very important that you keep your essential skin care products in your purse so that your skin remains moisturised.

To get the healthy peachy skin, it is a necessity to keep your skin bouncy and hydrated. The Indian market is filled with several such winter cosmetics online which shall help you fight the winter’s wrath. We give you a list of five important winter skin care products to keep in your purse so that the brashness of winter doesn’t rob your healthy pink glow.


Suggested product: Lotus Safe Sun Whitening + Long Last Sunblock Spf 40 Pa+++

During the harsh winter months, your skin tends to dry up. The only saviour at this point is your friendly moisturiser. But what if your moisturiser comes with sun protection and whitening effect? A complete skincare solution for the flawless radiance that you would ideally achieve through a bundle of best skin care products! Even though the sun might not seem very harsh during winters, the amount of UV rays almost remains the same, thereby putting your skin at risk if proper protection is not taken. Thus we bring you Lotus Safe Sun Whitening + Long Last Sunblock with SPF 40. This particular product has turned out to be a best friend to a lot of women. “My skin doesn’t look dull at all. In fact, it looks one tone fairer temporarily. I can totally skip the BB cream if I am wearing this. Besides, it completely covers all the dry patches on my skin,” says a popular beauty blogger Ruchika.


Suggested product: Maybelline Baby Lips, Berry Sherbet

There is no better beauty care than protection. Throughout the year if your skin is UV protected, then you have won half the battle to flawlessness. Thus we also recommend a lip balm with sun protection. Your lips are delicate that show the first sign of winter. Licking lips tends to over dry them; leading to cracking, peeling and eventual darkening. For supple pink lips, it is very important to keep your lips hydrated and moisturised at all times. This is one of the best bets in the market. With Maybelline’s skin care products, you can keep your lips hydrated with a hint of colour.


Suggested product: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm

Use Colorbar products for this winter. We swear by them and so should you. In case you have forgotten about your sunscreen, you can dab on your BB cream and set out for the day. Colorbar’s Perfect Match Beauty Balm is one of the best BB creams in the market and comes with the blessing of a beautiful coverage. The brand’s BB cream provides one of the best tints for the Indian skin and provides superior coverage without the ashy look that other BB creams give you. We highly recommend this brand for the winters. Colorbar comes with a descent array of shades and it provides a velvety matte even skin tone on application. Due to its mousse texture, it is light on the skin with brilliant absorption.


Suggested product: Ossum Body Mist

a range of body mists to keep you smelling divine in all seasons. No matter what season it is, smelling good makes your day better than it already is. Body mists are relatively safer bets than deodorants because they are alcohol free and are gentle on the skin. Keep a mist handy at all times.

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